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ENTERING THE METAVERSE  Leading Web3 artists join our first NFT collection

Bang & Olufsen unveils the DNA Collection: featuring 1925 unique NFTs that unite design, art, and audio.

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  • NFT Art
  • NFT art

Our first step

This is our first step into the Metaverse and we’re confident that we’ve got a place here. Time and time again, we’ve built products that no one else dared imagine, many of which have gone on to become design classics and collectors’ items. Now we’re building our first NFT collection on that very same foundation that made us one of a kind in the first place.

  • NFT art
  • NFT art

Discover the artists and musicians

We're grateful to be in the company of outstanding artists and musicians as we join the vibrant creator culture and economy in Web3. We believe that NFTs will become the bond between artists, creative brands and their communities in the coming years, and we are excited to start this journey now.

Image of Shavonne Wong

3D virtual model creator

Shavonne Wong

A 3D Virtual Model Creator and Artist in the NFT space, Shavonne Wong’s award-winning fashion photography is blended with video in a pioneering style, creating lifelike virtual models for the metaverse. She is a founder of NFT Asia and was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list for 2020.

Image of Thomas Lin Pedersen

Developing new genres through data

Thomas Lin Pedersen

A former computational biologist, digital artist, Thomas Lin Pedersen examines the role that data plays in modern life, utilising the tools he has developed for data research and graphic rendering to produce generative art that explores the beauty of dynamic systems.

Hackatao Image

Empowering the digital art’s next gen


Hackatao (2007) are among the pioneers of the Crypto Art movement, having minted their first artwork on the blockchain in 2018. Their work references historical and pop cultural phenomena in their signature flat style and investigates social, political and environmental issues and debates.

Image of Gramatik & Luxas

Gramatik & Luxas

Gramatik & Luxas are Electronic Music producers, composers and Music NFT pioneers hailing from the coast of Slovenia.

Image of RAC


RAC (André Allen Anjos) is a Grammy-winning recording artist and producer based in Portland, OR. Due in part to his pioneering work with his own $RAC token, RAC has been recognized as a thought leader in the Web3 space by Forbes, Billboard, and Rolling Stone.

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Bang & Olufsen Design Team

Bang & Olufsen has been designing the future since 1925. Ever since the beginning, entrepreneurial imagination has been at the heart and centre of Bang & Olufsen – a never-ending will to create only the best, through constantly learning and growing.

Bang & Olufsen’s Design Team was formed based on this legacy, to create the next generation of design icons. We are a professional family of 15 nationalities, sharing a culture of curiosity, care and commitment to excellence. We bring our personalities together to design and craft unconventional and delightful experiences for the future.

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