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Closer to the journey

Bang & Olufsen x RIMOWA

Bang & Olufsen and global leader in premium luggage, RIMOWA have joined forces for a partnership that celebrates the unique link between sound and travel.

Bang & Olufsen x RIMOWA

Together, Bang & Olufsen and RIMOWA have created a pair of limited-edition Beoplay H9i headphones that hone in on the craftsmanship that characterises the two brands. Made from authentic and long-lasting materials such as anodised aluminium and genuine leather, the RIMOWA x Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i headphones are housed in a signature RIMOWA aluminium case.

The collaboration with Academy Award winner Ludwig Göransson

To celebrate their shared ideas, RIMOWA and Bang & Olufsen have invited famed LA-based Swedish composer and record producer, Ludwig Göransson, to reflect on his music, his travel, and the importance they’ve had in his pursuit of mastery. A frequent traveller, ardent multi-instrumentalist, and Academy Award- and triple Grammy-winning producer for his work with Childish Gambino and the movie Black Panther, Ludwig opens up to RIMOWA and Bang & Olufsen about his approach to finding balance and sense of place through sound.

Beoplay H9i Rimowa with composer Ludvig Gönarsson
Beoplay H9i Rimowa x Bang & Olufsen

Explore the sound. Enjoy the silence. Wherever you go.

Now, you can explore rich, finely tuned sound or just enjoy the silence of the journey. With a shared love for aluminium, RIMOWA and Bang & Olufsen have created the limited-edition advanced Active Noise Cancellation Beoplay H9i headphones. No noise – just rich sound to get you closer to the journey.

Beoplay H9i Rimowa x Bang & Olufsen collab

Travel with sound and style

With a common appreciation for craftsmanship, beautiful materials, and luxurious design, RIMOWA and Bang & Olufsen are uniquely attuned to those who value rich sound in the same way they value purposeful travel experiences. Together, they represent movement and a unique vision of elevated contemporary timelessness.

“I love using headphones that feel like they’re part of your body and that’s what Bang & Olufsen does, it makes you feel like your headphones are an extension of your ears.”

Ludwig Göransson

Composer and record producer

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