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Home Setup

Make Working from Home a Pleasure

Working from home has moved from an occasional occurrence to an everyday expectation. Embrace the potential for flexibility and reduce challenges by creating a home office space that supports and nourishes you.

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Home office ideas

So much of our home life is now digital that it can be tempting to keep your workspace fluid. This has its positives, especially if you’re a fan of changing scenery, but for extended working from home there’s a lot to be said for setting up a permanent workstation.

Making a designated workspace is also an important cue for your family, allowing them to separate your social time from your work time. If you have a separate room that can turn into a designated home office that’s idea, if not then find ways to mark out your work area.

If you have to work in the living room or at the kitchen table, try setting up a workstation that can be easily dismantled and set up again. Even simple visual cues like coloured desk mats under your laptop, a folding screen or a set of shelves on wheels for your files or equipment can create that essential separation between work and play time.

Working from home accessories and essentials

Experiment with and invest in some smart choices for boosting the comfort of your home workspace. 

  • Try an adjustable or standing desk: with fewer trips to the staff kitchen or meeting rooms, reduce the chances of becoming sedentary with a standing desk. 

  • Invest in a good chair: you will spend a lot of time sitting in front of your computer and decent back support is an absolute essential.

  • Decorate your space: help to create a calming air and a separation from home life by including something to give your eyes a rest, such as a favourite art print or plant. 

  • Utilise your speakers: for freedom of movement without headphones, pair your portable speaker with your phone to answer calls and take meetings.

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How to work from home with kids

It can be trickier for children to understand the difference between work and play, especially when normal routines have been interrupted.

If they’re old enough, try drawing up a chart that helps them understand when you’ll be able to have fun with them and when you need to keep your head in the game.

Make use of portable speakers with a voice assistant function to set alarms or reminders that your kids can listen out for, such as a favourite song that plays when it’s time to switch off work emails and re-join the family.

When your little ones are enjoying playtime and you need to be able to concentrate, try noise cancelling headphones that will help remove distractions. Or, if you enjoy a soundtrack while working but need to keep an ear out for the kids, Transparency Mode can come in very handy.

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Work from home with dogs
Working from home with kids

How to boost your mood when working from home

The best work happens in environments that support creative processes. Create a space that will help you zone in and work well by being mindful of your mood.

  • Good lighting can make a world of difference. If your work area doesn’t benefit from plenty of natural light, consider adding a lamp that mimics sunlight to get some of those feelgood rays.

  • Candles or essential oils can also be very useful not only for helping to combat stress, but also for preparing your mind and body for switching to ‘work mode’ when you can’t move to a different physical space. 

  • Try to minimise wires and look for simple ways to charge your various devices. The irritation of having a battery run low or getting cables tangled up can ruin your flow. Smart plug boards and wireless charging pads can help keep your space clear.  

Bang & Olufsen inspiration for your home office

Elevate your home workstation with home speakers that offer much more than background music. Pair Bluetooth enabled speakers with mobile devices or laptops for great call clarity during meetings or choose models with integrated voice assistant for hands-free help.

Improve concentration levels even if you’re set up in the living room, with a range of headphones comfortable enough to wear for long periods. Look out for useful features, such as powerful ANC to neutralise background noise and intuitive touch controls for easy call picks up or volume changes.

Best of all, when the working day is done, your speakers and headphones can transition into the perfect way to relax, play and enjoy all the comforts of home.

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