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A live performance featuring singer and songwriter Calby

Music Matters

The third in a series of live online music performances, presented by Bang & Olufsen and featuring emerging artist Calby.

Calby at the Audo

Music Matters with Calby

Music moves us. We use it to inspire ourselves, motivate ourselves, and to relax. It’s there for all the important moments of our lives: to help us come together, to celebrate, to remember, to love. In a way, it is the most human thing we do, making and enjoying music. Bang & Olufsen’s Music Matters celebrates that spirit.  

Music Matters is a series of live online performances, sharing intimate moments with a selection of artists working across genres and approaches, united in the communal and celebratory power of music. This installment of Music Matters features Calby aka Mik Thybo, streaming live from The Audo, Denmark on Saturday 25th April, 8 PM CET.

Watch the concert here


Emerging Danish Singer & Songwriter

Danish singer, songwriter, and producer Mik Thybo, aka Calby, works from the principle that a song must sound good with only three instruments. Mik’s focus is on the craftsmanship of songwriting and the use of live instruments. His musical universe moves across the intersection of soul, pop and indie rock, possessing a timelessness that makes it difficult to define whether the music was created today or in a previous decade. Calby co-produces most of his songs in collaboration with Magnus Larsson, better known as bassist and founding member of the Danish pop band Lukas Graham.

Q&A with Calby

Q: Why is music an important factor in your life — what does it give you besides being your profession?

A: Music to me is a way of perceiving the world. Like a filter or a sense on par with speech and vision. 

Q: Many artists talk about that the music they release is a mirror of what stage in life they are in — Can you try to express how your music and you as a person is related when you write/create new music? 

A: If something important is going on in my life, it’s going to end up in the music. One way or another. It won't always translate directly to a specific experience, but I find it necessary to have a starting point in real life and then transforming it into something that feels true in a musical sense.

Q: Do you personally use music in other relations, then for entertainment — if yes, in what situation(s)? 

A: Once a year I might go a month without listening to any music at all, to sort of reboot my system and clear my mind. Other than that, it’s just a part of my daily life. Morning until bedtime...

Q: What role do you hope that your music could play in your audience’s life?

A: The goal is always to have your songs resonate with other people. To write something that is both relatable and personal. I hope my songs can become a part of my audience’s life and take on a meaning of its own in that context. Just like the songs of my heroes

  • Calby at the Audo
  • Calby at the Audo
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