Life and music in the creative capital  London Stories

Music is one of the most transformative and creative forms of human expression there is. It changes how we feel, it comforts us, excites us and drives us. We took our new Beoplay E8 3rd generation earphones to a cross-section of Londoners as they navigated the vibrant streets of the creative capital, finding out how they use music to inspire new experiences.

Meet Eshan Kali
Content Creator/Stylist

On living in London: “Living here has been a cultural shock, but at the same time an elevation in myself, an evolution…”

On musical inspiration: ”My favorite right now is Indian classic music, that’s me. Ravi Shankar is my idol!”

Check Eshans Instagram profile: @eshankali

关于伦敦: “每条街都有新事物出现,可能是异国语言、艺术媒材…就仿佛这座城市有很多层,你可以一层一层去揭开。”

Eshan Kali


Meet Emma Frost

On floristry: 

”There’s something quite magical about the transience of the work I’m creating. Nothing lasts forever. But I treat each arrangement as if it will.”

On musical inspiration

“I’m listening to LCD Soundsystem, Deerhunter, Dean Blunt, Bowie, Nihls Frahm, and much more. And Elvis. Always Elvis.”

Check her Instagram: @emmasizzahands

关于伦敦: “这里存在很多文化,所以可以丰富你的个性和创造力,拓展思维。伦敦精彩无限…不断启发着我。”

Emma Frost


认识 Sammy Germain

关于表演: “我们不断成长,摘下一张张的面具,找到内心的真我,这是我们每个人的使命…”

关于生活在伦敦: “在伦敦接触的形形色色的人越多,你的创造力就会越强大…”而创造力“来源于述说故事的迫切感。无论是你自己的故事还是别人的故事…”

查看他的 Instagram 简介:@sammygermain

我们的音乐灵感: “我听艺术家讲故事,在音效中描绘风景……”

Sammy Germain


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Beoplay E8 第 3 代金色款是真正的无线入耳式耳机。

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