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Beolab Receiver

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Bang & Olufsen 接收器侧面视图



可将任何 Bang & Olufsen 经典有源扬声器无缝整合到 Immaculate Wireless Sound 解决方案中。只需在每个有线扬声器上安装一个 Beolab Receiver 1,即可创建您的无线系统。



Beolab Receiver 1 采用 WiSA 技术,可确保扬声器最高质量的强劲音效。您可将当前所有的 Bang & Olufsen 扬声器与市场上任何兼容 WiSA 标准的电视、视音频接收器或音乐系统集成在一起。


Combine wired and wireless

Since BeoLab Receiver 1 works equally well with both wired and wireless speakers, you have the unique possibility to mix and match speakers in your setup according to your personal taste. Combine the wireless BeoLab 18 in a setup with a pair of compact BeoLab 3 speakers or add extra depth and bass to your setup with the BeoLab 19 subwoofer. It’s all up to you.