A live online performance from the virtual Copenhagen Summer Jazz 2020  Summer Jazz 2020

To celebrate this summer´s virtual Copenhagen Summer Jazz 2020, Bang & Olufsen is bringing you two tribute concerts live on YouTube. A group of premiere jazz musicians from Denmark will perform unique tributes to legendary musicians Aretha Franklin and David Bowie.

Copenhagen Summer Jazz 2020

Music moves us. We use it to inspire ourselves, motivate ourselves, and to relax. It’s there for all the important moments of our lives: to help us come together, to celebrate, to remember, to love. In a way, it is the most human thing we do, making and enjoying music. Bang & Olufsen’s live music series celebrates that spirit.

Bang & Olufsen presents Copenhagen Summer Jazz 2020, featuring Benjamin Koppel & Friends - CELEBRATI NG ARETHA with Karen Mukupa, Kaya Brüel, Maria Montell, Marie Carmen Koppel and Szhirley Band: Jesper Bodilsen, Søren Bebe, Espen Laub von Lilienskjold. Five of the biggest Danish female singers celebrate the late, great Aretha Franklin with songs from her versatile repertoire through five decades, presented in groovy, new jazz-arrangements. The concert will take place on Friday 3rd.

To close the Festival, another ensamble featuring Mark Linn, Christian Hjelm, Michael Møller, Benjamin Koppel, BANDANE and a string quartet will perform a tribute to David Bowie on Saturday, July 11th.

Benjamin Koppel portrait

Benjamin Koppel

Benjamin Koppel 是該時代榮獲最多獎項的音樂家,以精湛的技藝和演奏的豐富性聲名遠播。Benjamin Koppel 的音樂背景深受家庭淵源影響。他是知名丹麥古典作曲家 Herman D. Koppel 的孫子,和音樂家暨作曲家 Anders Koppel 的兒子。Anders Koppel 與樂團 Savage Rose 在全球樂壇上擁有輝煌的成就,是該時代丹麥最偉大的節拍音樂家。Benjamin 在 15 歲時組織自己的第一個樂團,以團長和獨唱者身份所發行的錄製數量超過 50 張。他在音樂協作上的路線非常寬廣,使他成為國際上搶手的音樂家,曾與多位高人氣爵士音樂家合作,如:Brian Blade、Joe Lovano、Phil Woods、Paul Bley 等人。

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