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Beosound Explore  Portable durable Bluetooth speaker

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Portable. Tough. Ready to go. Beosound Explore is a waterproof wireless speaker designed for adventure with up to 27 hours of playtime.

All-round sound for the adventurous

Portable. Tough. Ready to go. No matter where your adventures take you, the uncompromising sound quality of the Beosound Explore will get you there. And with its hardened, scratch-resistant, and fully dust and waterproof shell you’ll arrive no worse for wear.

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Durability in its DNA
Tough enough for any expedition

Built to go where you go, Beosound Explore is an ultra-durable wireless speaker. The tough rubberised base and aluminium body mean it can be placed safely on all sorts of surfaces – from muddy campsites to sandy beaches – while a meticulously constructed internal design protects against drops and falls. From the hard anodised aluminium shell developed in Factory 5, Denmark, to the waterproof strap and carabiner, every element of the construction blends high performance with durability.

Designed to go with you

Meticulously designed so you can take it with you, Beosound Explore is a tactile speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. Clip to a belt, strap to a backpack or simply grab it and go.


Music anywhere
Superior sound, even outdoors

With surprisingly heavy bass for a speaker of its size, Beosound Explore brings your music to places beyond the expected. The grill is precision cut to deliver True360 sound, driven by dual 1.8 full range drivers that pack a real punch. Whether set in the middle of a campsite, hung from a tent or perched on a rock halfway up a mountain, Beosound Explore provides powerful sound.

Exceptional battery life

Powering your adventures

With up to 27 hours of playtime at typical listening volumes, Beosound Explore has the endurance to explore with you. With a high-performance battery you can rely on, be free to adventure far and wide.

Dust and waterproof

An all-weather, any-terrain speaker

Premium materials in a compact design, Beosound Explore has been crafted for all life's adventures. An IP67 dust and water resistance rating ensures this rugged speaker is ready to face the elements, it can even withstand being submerged in a metre of water for up to 30 minutes.

Water-resistant control panel

Designed to work under any circumstance – covered in water, sand or grease – even with gloves on. The easy-to-use push buttons are placed to ensure excellent visibility & usability, wherever you are.

Your music, anywhere

A streamlined set up and the latest Bluetooth technology means you can pick and play your music in a matter of seconds. Quick, reliable access to your favourite streams, devices and services, every time.

Beosound Explore Anthracite with strap and carabiner

Beosound Explore

Wireless stereo pairing means you can connect two Beosound Explore speakers to make a party-friendly sound stage, even when you're out exploring.


Included in the box of beosound Explore

Included in the box

Beosound Explore Carabiner Quick Start Guide USB-C to USB-A cable

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Beosound Explore Greymist Back Carabiner
Beosound Explore€199
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Beosound A1 2nd Gen€299
Bass Capability

59 dB SPL

62 dB SPL

Dust and Waterproofavailableavailable
Battery Playtime

Up to 27 hours at typical listening volumes

Up to 18 hours at typical listening volumes




SpeakerphoneNot Availableavailable

Durable type II anodized aluminium Fabric Polymer

Pearl Blasted Aluminium Polymer Waterproof Leather

Reviews from the experts

"It’s an ultra-tough compact speaker uniquely adapted for windswept highland peaks, remote sandy beaches and campsites with nowhere to plug in. It delivers the sound performance and bass of a speaker three times larger, and it looks gorgeous while doing so."
"With up to 27 hours of playing time from a single charge, too, it should last the length of your whole excursion, from the early excitement right through to the "why did I ever agree to this?" stage."
"The outdoor speaker also comes with an IP67 dust and water resistance rating, so you can take it camping or to the beach without the fear that a little sand or water will ruin your music."
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