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Beosound 2


All you need. When and where you need it.
Sound on your terms.

Beosound 2

BeoSound 2 is a powerful wireless speaker system with a room-filling 360-degree sound performance, a sturdy yet unobtrusive aluminium design profile, integrated access to Spotify, Deezer, QPlay and TuneIn – and featuring the Multiroom Technology that connects your Bang & Olufsen products in one wireless system across your home. 

BeoSound 2 supports all the preferred wireless technologies: Bluetooth, AirPlay, Google Cast and DLNA. 


Easy and fast setup – supports Bluetooth and all your preferred streaming technologies from Google Cast, AirPlay and DLNA and the free Bang & Olufsen app.


Integrated access to Spotify, Deezer, QPlay and Internet radio TuneIn brings one-point access to millions of songs and thousands of radio stations. 


Unite your Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY products with Multiroom, and you can either play different music in different rooms or let the same sound flow throughout your home.


No matter where you are seated the sound experience will be the same; immersive and spherical but with a level of detail and power to leave you breathless.


Tap, turn and swipe! All the basic music commands can be controlled directly on the product, so you can turn the phone off while enjoying your sound.


Fill the entire room with goosebump inducing sound. The raw yet refined power output from BeoSound 2 will bring you right inside the music.

*Local retail prices may vary due to local conditions.


Universal connectivity

BeoSound 2 works like a charm; setup, connect and play with ease and speed. And with Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Google Cast or DLNA available the choice of connection is all up to your preferences. 
Google Cast
Spotify Connect
Apple Airplay
Bluetooth or WIFI
Play directly from your favourite music apps via Bluetooth or WIFI or get the full Bang & Olufsen experience through the Bang & Olufsen app
Integrated music services
Spotify, Deezer, QPlay and TuneIn are all integrated, which makes it quick and convenient to access millions of songs and thousands of playlists and radio shows – and you don’t even have to pull out your phone or tablet to start playing. 

Because the streaming services are incorporated in BeoSound 2 it has the added benefit of preserving battery life on your mobile device because the speaker streams directly from the cloud. The feature also allows you to keep using your phone, for calls, texts and games, without it interrupting the music. 
BeoSound 1 BeoSound 2

Connect and expand to more rooms and speakers

With the Multiroom technology you can connect your Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY products in one seamless wireless system. With a simple tap on top of BeoSound 2 you automatically start or join the music experience. 

You can either play different music in different rooms or let the same sound flow throughout your home. You can even use your Bang & Olufsen TV in the setup – sending the sound of the TV to other rooms or use the TVs speaker to listen to music.
360 sound

360 degree sound perfection

Immerse yourself completely in the 360 degrees of sound. The sound you will experience is spherical, powerful and precise – no matter where the speaker is placed, and no matter where you are placed. 

The Acoustic Lens Technology spreads the high frequencies horizontally around the room, while reducing reflections from the floor and ceiling, so the sound performance remains unchanged – and always ideal. 

Adaptive Bass Linearisation harnesses surplus capacity in the amplifiers and driver units to bring you even more bass, while also monitoring and adjusting for excessive peaks in the sound.

The ¾ inch tweeter plays downwards into a reflector, and the spherical sound profile is a result of the tweeter placement and the width of the opening between the top and bottom of the speaker. 

The two 2 inch midrange drivers are placed back-to-back beneath the intricate grill system, providing you with a larger sound spectrum and even more details to your music.


The 5 ¼ inch bass driver is placed upside down in order to utilise the full capacity of the cabinet – and to provide a sound that spreads evenly across the room. 


Find Store

Find a store located near you, and discover the full experience the way it was meant to be heard

or choose Book a Demo at your nearest store to get a personal demonstration of your favourite TV, speaker and music system. Bang & Olufsen owners are all unique, let our experts help you customise a seamless, fully integrated Bang & Olufsen solution for your home.
Cool Modern Collection

Add a different layer of elegance to BEOSOUND 2. Cool Modern Collection brings a varm brass tone to the Bang & Olufsen universe.

BeoSound 2 in brass toned aluminium is available in stores from March 2017.

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A clear idea of function and purpose

“Simplicity was paramount,” says Torsten Valeur, the man behind the design of BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2, “and our dream was to create something that resembled musical instruments. Products where every part conveys its purpose which is to spread beautiful music.”


The conical shape gives you countless of placement options. The actual footprint of the speaker is minimal, which allows you to put it wherever you need your sound to be.
Unplug it once in a while, and move it around your home as you see fit.


A set of speakers designed for convenience, crafted for mobility and featuring an impressive 360 degrees of spherical sound magic. Integrated access to your favourite streaming services, and fast and easy connectivity through Google Cast, Bluetooth, AirPlay and DLNA.
Flexible living

Welcome to the world of Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams is the editor of the influential Kinfolk Magazine. He has championed the expression “slow living” and taught the world to love Scandinavia.
Torsten Valeur, David Lewis Designers
Weight & Dimensions
4.1 kg
19.6 x 43.1 cm W x H
Wireless networks
Wi-Fi/WLAN 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz)
Bluetooth 4.1
Power amplifiers
1 x 40 watt class D for tweeter
2 x 11 watt class D for mid-range
2 x 20 watt class D for woofer
Speaker drivers
1 x ¾" tweeter
2 x 2" mid-range
1 x 5 ¼" woofer

1 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
1 x 3.5 mm mini jack line-in with sense


Supported audio formats
Standard sample rates up to 192 kHz, stereo
and up to 24 bit
WMA lossless is not supported
Streaming formats
Apple AirPlay
Google Cast*
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
Spotify Connect
QPlay 2.0 (China specific)
*market dependent
Integrated Music Services
TuneIn Internet radio*
QQ Music (China specific)*
*market dependent
Remote control options
Bang & Olufsen app
Cabinet principle
Closed box