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Our ambitions

Moving towards circularity

The consumer electronics industry is one of the leading contributors of environmental pollution. At Bang & Olufsen, we know we are part of the problem. Now, more than ever, we are hoping to be part of the solution as we lead the movement towards a more circular future.

How we’ll improve circularity and reduce environmental impact through design

Bang & Olufsen has an unparalleled history of creating magical experiences through beautifully crafted, long-lasting products. Today, the timeless products we built 50 years ago are still playing music and spreading joy from one generation to the next.

Our ambition is to set new standards for longevity and circularity by creating long-lasting luxury technology that benefits our customers and the planet, while also extending the lifetime of our historic and contemporary portfolio of iconic products through service, software updates and repairs. We want you to be able to connect past, present and future B&O product icons and keep them playing for decades and give our products multiple lives.

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Our commitment to Cradle to Cradle™

Created by the American architect William McDonough and the German chemist Michael Braungart in 2002, the Cradle to Cradle design principles represent the most ambitious product certification standard in the world.


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Design for a long lifetime

We want to create products with higher build quality, more durable materials, and future-proofed hardware architecture. That includes high specifications to postpone the time where upgrades are needed. While this is an attainable goal, few other consumer technology companies are doing it.

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Design for serviceability

We want to enable easy replacement of critical components to ensure that products can be kept in use longer. Our Beosound Level is a prime example of this. With this product, we have made it possible to change the battery, without having to change the whole speaker.

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Design for customisation

We want it to be easy to change cosmetic parts such as speaker covers. It should be as easy to update the look of your products as it is to re-paint your walls in keeping with current design trends.

Design for flexibility

We want to build for as many use cases as possible, giving you the opportunity to use our products in a way that fits your lifestyle and adapt to each customers’ needs. One example is our Beosound Theatre, which can act as a soundbar today and be integrated into a full surround-sound system tomorrow.

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Design for upgradeability

Our goal is to refurbish old products and create new products to update with the latest software and hardware technologies, keeping them out of landfills by preventing technology obsolescence. This has been one of the greatest struggles in the consumer technology industry as we know it, but it doesn’t have to be that way going forward.

Connecting the past, present and future

Thanks to a radical design approach, which has always been at the core of B&O’s DNA – as our commitment to longevity, many products were future-proofed by designing space into their architecture for tech-upgrades that hadn’t even been invented yet.

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Recreated Classics

In 2020, Bang & Olufsen launched the ‘Recreated Classics’ initiative, which breathes new life into our most iconic archival products, allowing a new generation to experience the enduring sound, design, and craftsmanship of devices that captivated customers decades ago. We’ve also established worldwide Classic Service Alliance, where 11 trusted service centers can upgrade the Beogram 4000, which was the first classic to be relaunched.

Timelessness, Technology and Modularity

Bang & Olufsen uses high-quality materials for timeless designs that can be customised by playing with different covers, materials and colourways. The timeless touch of aluminum, crafted in our factory in Denmark, is married with solid oak or fabric covers that you can change, upgrade and evolve over time, so it fits naturally in any home. The product usage can change with your life. Let’s say you purchase a speaker to listen to music in your small apartment. If you ever were to move to a larger space, you could use that same speaker in a multi-speaker set up to fill your entire home with beautiful sound.

Bang & Olufsen’s modular design makes it so that our products can easily be dismantled, refurbished or repaired.

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