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The next generation of powerful home speakers

We are pleased to announce the new generation Beosound A9 and Beosound 2. More than being available in new Black Anthracite, Gold Tone, and Natural finishes, the two speakers now join our range of future-proof products on the Mozart software platform.

Built for the future

Mozart is Bang & Olufsen’s newest software platform, created to ensure our product longevity goes beyond physical design and craftmanship. A seamless experience, encompassing the luxury touch of Bang & Olufsen, designed to be updated, improved and built on for years to come.

The Mozart platform is designed following modular principles. This means that our products are easy to service and repair and allows for future upgrade of the streaming module. We work with Longevity in mind to give our products a long lifetime through evolution, upgrade and repair. We even intend to extend this beyond the first life to support reuse, remanufacturing and recycling. This is what we call Circularity.

Beosound A9 in Gold Tone in a living room

Improvements all round

Don't mess with the classics. Unless it's to bring them bang up to date. Beosound A9 now comes with our Mozart software platform to enable stereo pairing, smoother in-app setup, and improved Wi-Fi performance. All accompanied by a sculptural form and stunning sound signature that have transformed how people bring music into their homes over the last ten years.

Beosound 2 in Aluminium in a living room

Timeless design. Brand new brains.

Beosound 2 has long offered a futuristic vision of powerful 360-degree sound, all in one sleek package. Now it's even more future-ready. In its latest generation we've added it to our Mozart software platform, to enable stereo pairing, smoother in-app setup, and improved Wi-Fi performance. It's designed to be updated, improved, and built on for years to come. Seamlessly.

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