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Beoplay E4

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Beoplay E4  The power of silence

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Advanced Active Noise Cancelling in-ear earphones featuring direct and precise sound, unparalleled comfort and hassle-free control.

Craft matters and so does happiness

At Bang & Olufsen, our unique approach to conceptual design drives us to think in terms of experiences – and we use that story in the way we craft our products. If you stimulate the senses through sound and beautiful design, the brain releases endorphins and you become happier.

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Beoplay E4 Black 1
Beoplay E4$250
Beoplay E8 3rd Gen Gold - True Wireless in-ear earphones
Beoplay E8 3rd Gen$249

Corded In-ear

True Wireless In ear

Noise Isolation

Active Noise Cancellation

Passive Noise Cancelling

Battery Life

Up to 20 hours play with ANC activated

Up to 7 hours Up to 35 hours with charging case at moderate volume



Bluetooth 5.1


50 g

11.6 g (earbuds only)

See reviews from the experts

In terms of aesthetics, the Beoplay E4 earphones have the premium look we’ve come to expect from the B&O brand. With a matte black finish, the buds themselves are made of stainless steel, but manage not to feel too bulky in the ear. … The B&O Beoplay E4 earphones sound great, offering a balanced sound and solid noise-cancelling capabilities. B&O quote 20 hours of noise-cancelled playback with the earphones per charge. Mileage will vary depending on volume levels, but this seems broadly accurate, and is commendable.
Gerald Lynch
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