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A precision powerhouse

High-end wireless subwoofer bringing powerful bass and a unique sculptural design to your living room.

Meaningful innovations

Our technological breakthroughs never seek technology as an end. Acoustic lenses spread the high frequencies horizontally around the room so that they cover more of the listening area while reducing reflections from the floor or ceiling. Walk around a room and the Bang & Olufsen sound performance remains unchanged.

Adaptive Bass Linearisation delivers great bass from small speakers by harnessing surplus capacity in the amplifier and driver unit. We extend a speaker’s bass output far beyond what it would normally produce and automatically adjust it for excessive peaks.

Beolab 19 speakers in living room under tv


Reach peak performance

Add extra depth and uncover new details in films and music with this progressive subwoofer. It’s not just the distinctive design that gives Beolab 19 its impact. Every technical detail is engineered to capture the precise emotions in even the lowest frequencies.


Accurate wireless sound

You can place Beolab 19 anywhere you want. The subwoofer is equipped with the innovative wireless WiSA technology that brings unprecedented levels of stability and precision to your home audio setup and seamlessly connects with all WiSA-compliant speakers and TVs.


Surprising symmetry

Where most other subwoofers are designed with unpleasing aesthetics, Beolab 19 brings its own distinctive style to your surroundings. The geometric form and solid aluminium exterior produce a sculptural character, true to its forceful nature.

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Beolab 19 speakers two right and left full

Acustic Balance

Unlike traditional subwoofers, BeoLab 19 remains incredibly still by balancing the vibrations of the two speakers drivers to cancel each other out.

Driver units

2 x 8" woofer

Placement settings


Acoustic Balance Principle

Unlike traditional subwoofers, BeoLab 19 remains incredibly still by balancing the vibrations of the two speakers drivers to cancel each other out.

Room adaptation

A three-position switch controls the bass response of the speaker depending on the placement of the speaker in the room.

Thermal Protection

The temperature of all driver units is constantly monitored to keep the speaker at top performance all the time.




2 x 160 watt, Class D

Wireless Connect

BeoVision 11, BeoVision 14, BeoVision Avant, BeoSound Moment, BeoLab Transmitter 1, and any WiSA-compliant TV or AV system.


1 x Power Link (RJ45) 1 x RCA (L/R)


13.7 kg


Black White Grey


Jacob Wagner

Measurements in cm

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  • An eye-catching compact subwoofer shaped like a dodecahedron. Unlike more generic wooden subs, this all-metal woofer is meant to be put on display rather than hidden away. Twin 8in drivers are mounted back-to-back and driven by separate 160 watt amplifiers, which again makes it surprisingly powerful for its size.

    Tom Morgan