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Beolab 50 The future of sound

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From $40,000

High-end active loudspeaker blending radical audio technology with graceful aesthetics and meticulous craftsmanship.

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A luxurious beast

Meet a wireless loudspeaker that performs beyond reference in every listening scenario. Prepare for exceptional performances of music and cinematic soundscapes, powered by patented Bang & Olufsen technology.

  • Domestic eclecticism, Beolab 50 in Brass Tone and Smoked oak.

  • Striking artisanship, Beolab 50 in Piano Black with Oak lamellas and specially designed aluminium front.

Beolab 50 speaker lenz


Unfolding design

From the magical moment the Acoustic Lens majestically ascents, you know the stage is set for an extraordinary performance.

Beolab 50 speaker top image


Tailored to your needs

Prepare for truly ear-catching performances in all the ways you enjoy sound in your home: Audiophile listening, carefree music playing and extraordinary cinematic experiences.


The less you want, the more it takes

Making a flagship speaker like the Beolab 50 is an uncompromising affair. It involves a careful process honouring more than nine decades of relentless commitment to design and acoustic innovation.

Beoplay 50 speaker concept sketches


The crown prince of sound

Beolab 50 shares several technology patents and features with the radical Beolab 90. Once again, our audio engineers have created a speaker that performs beyond reference in every listening scenario.


A uniquely tailored sound performance

With its adjustable acoustic lens, Beolab 50 can alter its sound delivery to its audience. For sweet spot listening, the lens contracts and sends a direct sound beam towards your listening spot. With a house full of guests, the lens opens for a room-filling performance.


Made-to-measure music

Our innovative Active Room Compensation technology measures the acoustical behaviour of your room in different listening areas. The data is used to create a custom set of filters for your Beolab 50, tailored to your personal listening habits.


The graceful performer

With its slender, tall silhouette and rounded base, Beolab 50 stands proud without being obtrusive. The aluminium surfaces and wood lamellas are inherently Bang & Olufsen in a refined and visionary design.


Straight-forward control options

What good is power without the ability to control it your way? Despite its many advanced features, everyone gets everything from Beolab 50. Enjoy full integration with your Beovision TV and easy access to different controls straight from the Bang & Olufsen app.

  • Beolab 50 speaker view from the top of the speaker
  • Beolab 50 speaker view from the side of the speaker
  • Beolab 50 speaker in living room
  • Beolab 50 speaker under the cover
  • Beolab 50 speaker view of the bottom part of the speaker
  • Beolab 50 speaker view of the wooden grill cover
A pair of Beolab 50s


This is a floor standing speaker that fits in anywhere. Its light appearance comes from a modest height of 103.6 cm and measuring just 45.5 cm at its widest.

  • Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 50 speakers are a dream for minimalist audiophiles. Each Beolab 50 speaker is equipped with seven drivers, and each of those drivers has its own 300-watt amplifier built in (yes, you read that correctly), which makes for an incredible amount of control over the sound. [..] Further, the BeoLab 50’s trio of ten-inch woofers, each of which can emit bass in different directions, can fill an entire room with incredible, uber-tight bass

    Brendan Hesse

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