BeoLab 90

Vision of sound

It will not be for everybody, but it will be for the right somebody. Three years in the making, BeoLab 90 is the culmination of our wildest dreams. And with no less than 8200 watts per loudspeaker, by far the most powerful sound experience we have ever built.
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Beolab 90

Creating perfect sound in a room meant for nothing but listening is one thing. It is a whole other ball game to create perfect sound in a room designed for living. BeoLab 90 is perhaps the world’s most advanced digital loudspeaker, providing unprecedented user control of its acoustic performance – adapting to your living space and preferred listening modes through intelligent design.

Innovative technologies pave the way for a truly intelligent speaker that adapts its acoustic behaviour to specific environments and situations.

Underneath the elegant exterior BeoLab 90 sports no less than 18 premium drivers, 14 channels of ICEpower amplifiers and four additional class D amplifiers, equalling 8200 total watts of musical power and precision – per unit.

Listening alone, watching a movie with the family or hosting a house full of party guests. There is a perfect setting for every situation, and it is right at your fingertips.

Every speaker is made to order. With our customisation tool, you can personalise the appearance of the BeoLab 90 to match your own living space.

Each shape serves a purpose, every form supports a function. Discover functionalism at its finest.


Bang & Olufsen products are built to play together. Pair BeoLab 90 with your BeoVision TV or unite all your products into one wireless home system with Multiroom.


purple beolab 5 high quality speaker with golden details and smoked oak finishing

Personalise your own BeoLab 90

Just as the speaker technology caters to your personal listening habits and lifestyle so does the design, which can be customised to perfectly match the surroundings of your home.

Try the customisation tool and choose from our selection of fabric colours, aluminium tones and wood types to create a truly personalised BeoLab 90.

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The Powerhouse

Powerful, precise and packed with all of our combined audio knowledge and very finest technology.

BeoLab 90 has 18 state-of-the-art Scan-Speak loudspeaker drivers placed in carefully defined locations and directions to deliver maximum performance in frequency, time and space.

The floor speaker packs a combination of 14 channels of the latest generation ICEpower amplifiers – a compact and highly efficient platform developed by Bang & Olufsen – and four additional class D amplifiers, all customised for the BeoLab 90. In total, the amplifiers can deliver up to 8,200 watts per loudspeaker.

If you want all the hard facts, please go ahead and download the BeoLab 90 white paper. Or just believe us when we say: This is as loud as you can possibly go without front row tickets for a stadium concert, and as detailed as you can possibly get without enjoying your albums in a professional recording studio. 


The intelligent loudspeaker

Giving BeoLab 90 its incredible ability to behave like completely different loudspeakers in different listening situations, required our acoustics department to develop and customise a range of intelligent technologies:

Active room compensation 

Resonances in your room, and boundary effects from your walls, affect the sound you get from your loudspeakers. BeoLab 90 is fitted with Bang & Olufsen’s new Active Room Compensation technology that makes up for the impact of your room, your furniture, the placement of the loudspeakers, and the location of the listening position.

This advanced technology guarantees you get a sensational sound experience, exactly where you want it. In other words, the speaker, and not the room, defines the sound.

Beam width control 

Almost like switching between a spotlight and a lightbulb, Beam Width Control gives you the power to narrow or widen the sound dispersion.

Narrowing the sound beam ensures a direct and precise delivery to your preferred listening spot. Invite friends to join you for a movie – just widen the beam and everyone shares the same experience. Or expand the beam to provide full 360-degree omnidirectional sound, if you are hosting a party.

Beam direction control

Most loudspeakers are designed with a front and a back, with the sound radiating forwards. This is perfectly adequate when the listener is positioned directly in front of the speaker, but in a modern flexible living environment this is far from always the case.

To solve this challenge, Beam Direction Control lets you define one of five directions as the ‘acoustic front’, always keeping the listener front and centre of the sound.

Under the hood

Explore the serious hardware hidden right behind the hovering speaker fabric.

Technology made simple

hands holding a black smartphone with bang og olufsen app
The power to harness the mighty BeoLab 90 lies right in the palm of your hand. Use either your BeoRemote One or the Bang & Olufsen app to adjust the settings or to easily access your saved pre-sets, ensuring an effortless listening experience in every situation.

You can even select presets and control BeoLab 90 directly from your other Bang & Olufsen products. Perfect when using a pair of BeoLab 90 to expand a movie experience on your BeoVision TV.

form follows function

BeoLab 90 is designed according to the overall idea that form follows function. The loudspeaker driver positions and orientations are defined by the acoustical requirements. The placement of the electronics’ cooling fins was chosen to ensure that the rising heat could have no impact on the sound experience.

The design is based on a complex aluminium cabinet totaling more than 65 kg, so the structure is rock solid. In a subtle contrast to the massiveness of the loudspeakers, the outer ‘skin’ is made of acoustically transparent fabric stretched like sails hovering in front of the driver units. The curved wooden base visually lifts up the large structure from the floor, making BeoLab 90 appear to float in your home.

Like no one else.

making of

Creating the future of sound

fluent silver material being melted


A floor speaker with the size and complexity of BeoLab 90 is quite something to manufacture. The top tower is cast in 10mm thick plastic, and the main cabinet is solidly cast in aluminium. These are fitted together and all the amplifiers and drivers are mounted, software is installed and as the last step, the ‘naked’ loudspeaker is clad in the semi-transparent fabric and the aluminium crowns are fitted.

Nobody said it should be easy to build the world’s most advanced loudspeaker.


a black beolab 90 premium speaker without fabric in a grey room

Combine and integrate


BeoLab 90 seamlessly lends its audio grandeur to your entire Bang & Olufsen collection. Pair a set of BeoLab 90 with the BeoVision TV and discover an audio-visual power couple out of this world.

With full Multiroom capabilities you can easily integrate BeoLab 90 into one liberating wireless home system. Play different music in different rooms or let one tune flow throughout your home.

Get a cinematic experience



By adding BeoSound Core to your speaker setup you can create a future-proof wireless speaker system and enjoy music streaming directly from your mobile device.

This discrete hide-away connectivity hub enables your speakers with Multiroom capabilities and a solid range of wireless streaming options, such as Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth, whilst rendering your music in lossless high-res quality.


Speakers Beolab 20 BeoSound Core Bang & Olufsen Enable wireless streaming options, such as Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth


  • Beam Width Control

  • Beam Direction Control

  • Active Room Compensation

Frackenpohl Poulheim
137 Kg


inputs Analogue (Primary speaker)
  • Power Link

  • RCA

  • XLR (fully balanced)

inputs Digital (Primary speaker)
  • USB Audio (24 bit / 192 kHz)

  • S/P-DIF (24 bit / 192 kHz)

  • OPTICAL (24 bit / 96 kHz)

Wireless (Primary and Secondary speaker)
  • Wireless Power Link (24 bit / 48 kHz)

  • WiSA (24 bit / 96 kHz)

Digital (Primary and Secondary speaker)
  • Digital Power Link (24 bit / 192 kHz)

7 x Scan-Speak Illuminator 30 mm
7 x Scan-Speak Illuminator 86 mm
3 x Scan-Speak Discovery 212 mm
Front Woofer
1 x Scan-Speak Revelator 260 mm
tweeter amplifiers (custom designed for beolab 90)
7 x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower AM300-X
midrange amplifiers (custom designed for beolab 90)
7 x Bang & Olufsen ICEpower AM300-X
woofer amplifiers (custom designed for beolab 90)
3 x Heliox AM1000-1
front woofer amplifier (custom designed for beolab 90)
1 x Heliox AM1000-1
Digital Signal Processor
DSP type
  • 2 x Analog Devices ADSP-21489 - 450 MHz

Sampling rate
192 kHz fixed