Beoplay A9 with the Google Voice Assistant

Beoplay A9

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Beoplay A9  Beauty and passion to your music

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One-point music system and contemporary design icon with powerful sound and customisable design.

A formula for life

Here in the words of Øivind Alexander Slaatto, the designer who created Beoplay A9:

"With the A9 I wanted to make a timeless classic something which is beautiful from all angles in all times. A9 was inspired by sound and by music. The shape is a circle and the reason why I choose a circle is because the sound travels in circles. The A9 is made out of very few elements which are used as much as possible and crafted in the best materials; high quality wood high quality plastics high quality aluminium and a very good fabric."

Beoplay A9 and Beosound Level playing together in a connected speaker setup

Connected speakers

Sounds better together

Beoplay A9 is part of Connected Speakers, a simple and seamless way to stream music throughout your home using Chromecast or Airplay.

Get more done with just your voice

Beoplay A9 with the Google Assistant. You can easily enjoy music at home just with your voice; you can play your favorite music, control volume and find information about the song that you are listening to, hands-free. You can also plan your day, set alarms and control smart devices around your home - just by using your voice.

*The Google Assistant is available only in specific countries and languages. *Google is a trademark of Google LLC

Google Assistant slightly bigger

Beoplay A9 placement

Many ways to place your music

Designed to change with your own lifestyle. You are free to place Beoplay A9 in a corner, out in a room or hang it on a wall with the optional wall bracket. Naturally, the built-in room adaption switch ensures that your speaker always sounds as good as it looks.

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  • BeoplayA9 GVA black
  • Beoplay A9 black brass detail
  • BeoplayA9
Beoplay A9 in stereo pairing

Beoplay A9

Add another Beoplay A9 to enjoy a stereo pairing experience. Set up the stereo pairing through the Google Home App.


Find right speaker for you

Beoplay A9 with the Google Voice Assistant
Beoplay A9From $3,199
Beosound Balance - Golden Collection full
Beosound BalanceFrom $2,250
Beosound Edge brass side
Beosound EdgeFrom $3,500
Recommended Room Size

15-100 m² 150-1000 ft²

10-80 m² 100-800 ft²

20-120 m² 200-1200 ft²

Maximum Loudness @1m (SPL)

100 dB SPL

104 dB SPL

104 dB SPL

Advanced Sound Features

Active Room Compensation Adaptive Bass Linearization Thermal Protection

Active Room Compensation Adaptive Bass Linearization Beam Direction Control (three sides) Beam Width Control Thermal Protection

Active Bass Port Acoustic Placement Settings Adaptive Bass Linearization Beam Direction control (two sides) Thermal Protection

Streaming services

Chromecast built-in Airplay 2 Beolink Multiroom DLNA -DMR

AirPlay 2 Chromecast built-in Spotify Connect

Chromecast built-in Airplay 2 Beolink Multiroom DLNA -DMR

Stereo PairingavailableavailableNot Available

70.1 W x 90.8 H x 41.1 D cm

20 W x 38 H x 20 D cm

50.2 W x 50.2 H x 13 D cm

See reviews from the experts

"The BeoPlay A9 remains a true design icon that also sounds great. The materials and finishes used are at a premium level."
"I like the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 Speaker because it performs better than any speaker I've tested. It's also backed by a 24-month warranty and complemented by a useful app."
"This is a speaker that’s going to change your world. It’s somehow life-altering and subtle at the same time, with unbeatable balance in style and substance."
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