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Beoplay M3 Natural 1

Beoplay M3


Beoplay M3 Powerful sound, compact format

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Compact yet powerful Multiroom speaker crafted from premium materials delivering rich and authentic sound throughout your home.

Beoplay M3 speakers on table next to girl putting make up on


Let music flow

Use Beoplay M3 as a standalone speaker or connect it to other wireless speakers to create your own home speaker system. Beoplay M3 connects with all of our wireless speakers as well as any other speaker supporting Chromecast built-in or Apple AirPlay.


Fill your room with music

Beoplay M3 delivers a finely tuned audio experience, big enough to fill a medium-sized room with rich and authentic Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound. The audio quality is perfected by the finely engineered position of the woofer and a sculptured disperser.


Create your favourite sound profile

For easy personalization, use the Bang & Olufsen App to customize all your favourite features and get the music underway. Create sound profiles to match your own personal taste with ToneTouch control, our intuitive app-based equalizer.


A real confident character

The shape of Beoplay M3 is based on a simple silhouette to give it a clean, domesticated expression. Its overall design is all about character, a character that can easily switch identity by simply adding a different cover.


Not just for looks

The soft shore polymer base adds stability to the speaker and improves bass performance. It's paired with either a minimalistic front cover in pearl-blasted aluminium, or a wool-blend cover, made by the world-renowned, Danish textile brand, Kvadrat.

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M3 in stereo pairing

Beoplay M3

Pair two Beoplay M3 to enjoy a stereo listening experience. Set up the stereo pairing through the Google Home App.


Beoplay M3 speakers tech design

Included in the box

Beoplay M3 Cover in Kvadrat wool or aluminium Main cable

Find right speaker for you

Beoplay M3 Natural 1
Beoplay M3£280
Beoplay M5 Natural 1
Beoplay M5£550
Beolit 20 Black Anthracite
Beolit 20£450
Recommended Room Size

5-30 m² 50-300 ft²

10-50 m² 100-500 ft²

10-50 m² 100-500 ft²

Maximum Loudness @1m (SPL)

90 dB SPL

96 dB SPL

93dB SPL

Stereo PairingavailableNot Availableavailable
WiFi connectivityavailableavailableNot Available

11.2 W X 15.1 H X 14 D cm

16.5 W x 18.5 H x 16.5 D cm

135 W x 230 H x 189 D mm

PortableNot AvailableNot Availableavailable

See what the experts are saying

"If sound quality and design are at the top of your wish list, with space conservation and Wi-Fi connectivity coming in a close third and fourth, then this speaker is perfect for you."
Luke Edwards
"The Beoplay M3 might be the strongest contender yet. It has a number of good things going for it, including easy setup, loud output, and stylish design."
Dan Seifert
"B&O has once again created a product of beauty in the Beoplay M3. This minimally designed speaker blends smooth edging with bulky weight to offer a balance of space conservation with reassuring speaker quality."
Luke Edwards
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