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Beoplay M5

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Beoplay M5  Connecting spaces with music

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Home speaker blending cool aluminium and warm fabric. True360 sound, tactile touch control and stylish design options.

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Beoplay M5 Natural 1
Beoplay M5$600
Beosound 1 Natural 1
Beosound 1From $1,900
Beolit20 - Grey Mist - Hero
Beolit 20$529
Maximum Loudness @1m (SPL)

96 dB SPL

91 dB SPL

93dB SPL

WiFi connectivityavailableavailableNot Available
PortableNot Availableavailableavailable
Stereo PairingNot Availableavailableavailable

16.5 W x 18.5 H x 16.5 D cm

16.2 W x 32.7 H x 16.2 D cm

135 W x 230 H x 189 D mm

See reviews from the experts

"The Beoplay M5 is a 360-degree speaker, meaning it radiates sound in all directions and can be positioned anywhere … B&O stresses the importance of the M5’s look as a harmonious part of your home decor almost as much as it underlines its sonic qualities. ... We got a demo of the device and it's no surprise that the speaker sounds really good. Sound quality is usually a safe bet when it comes to B&O gear and that's certainly the case here. The M5 has a respectable amount of bass that's pushed out along the bottom of the unit and punchy highs that make for a warm well-rounded sound. The controls up top are super simple, which makes a rather enjoyable overall experience of interacting with it."
Billy Steele
"If I didn’t have to worry about upsetting the neighbors, I’d love it. That booming, rumbling low end doesn’t interfere with a good presentation of mids and high notes, and in most cases adds to the enjoyment of the music rather than taking away from it."
Vlad Savov
"The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 powered speaker is amazingly simple to use — its aluminum top is an intuitive touch controller. And this speaker is compatible with virtually every wireless technology. Stream Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet. Use it with your home Wi-Fi® network. It comes with Spotify ® Connect, Apple® AirPlay®, Chromecast built-in, and DLNA — lots of ways to connect to your favorite music."
Ralph Graves
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