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Beosound Edge


Beosound Edge

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Design by Michael Anastassiades

Imagine a coin elegantly balancing on its edge, ready to roll at the lightest touch. Beosound Edge is the first Bang & Olufsen product from the hands of acclaimed lighting designer Michael Anastassiades. In this interview, Anastassiades shares his passion for minimalism and his urge to spark your imagination.

Crafted in a timeless circular design

The Beosound Edge is a speaker and minimalist design object in one. Designed for intuitive touch and motion, it’s an unbroken circle of clarity and beauty. Prepare to welcome a unique and powerful performance into your home.


Active Bass Port

For the calm and for the storm

BeoSound Edge employs cutting-edge acoustic innovation to deliver a powerful and accurate listening experience. Through our latest patent for the world's first Active Bass Port, the speaker provides perfect potent bass at high volumes and maintains accurate bass at low volumes.

Volume Controls

Magical Interaction

Interacting with BeoSound Edge is enchanting. A push either way from BeoSound Edge's centre of gravity controls the volume. Subtle resistance and damping make the istinctive rolling motion feel both luxurious and intuitive.

Active Bass Port Beosund Edge B&O


Music for you, me and everyone

With Directional Sound Control, BeoSound Edge allows the user to define the direction that the sound radiates. For instance, a room can be divided into an active listening area and a more passive listening area. Alternatively, the user can choose to blast true 360° room-filling sound from both sides of the speaker to fill the entire room.


Defy gravity

Keep your Beosound Edge casually on the floor or mount it on a wall as a stunning display. Enjoy the magical experience as the speaker rolls back into position as you pull or push the aluminium ring to adjust the volume.

Proximity Sensors

A presence that adapts to you

Meet a speaker that feels your presence. As you approach, Beosound Edge comes to life, lightning up its touch-sensitive control interface through the aluminium surface. Simple and sophisticated.

  • Beosound Edge speakers dancer on pink background
  • Beosound Edge speakers black side full on pink background
  • Beosound Edge speakers black hanging on yellow background
  • Beosound Edge speakers dancer on yellow background
  • Beosound Edge speakers dancer on blue background
  • Beosound Edge speakers black side full on blue background
Beosound Edge speakers without cover

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  • It's certainly a conversation piece, and there's an overwhelming urge to roll it around. That's by design. The Edge is actually its own giant volume dial, where slowly rocking it forward or backward will change the volume. Touch sensors on the speaker work through microscopic holes inside the aluminum frame, which means even if you decide to mount it on your wall - which you can do - these functions still work. (It even still rocks a little.) It's charming, and while it sounds good, you're paying for the design, the Materials and how it fits into your (probably) already beautifully furnished home.

    Mat Smith

  • The huge Beosound Edge delivers powerful, room-filling sound with a circular design that rolls on its edge like a British pound coin.

    Tom Bruce

  • The Beosound Edge looks quite unlike any speaker you will have seen before. Circular in design and disc-like in shape, it has drivers pumping sound out of either side of the speaker, with an aluminium ring wrapping around its outer edge.

    Gerald Lynch

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