BeoVision Eclipse


Experience the dynamic force and mesmerising appeal of perfectly crafted colour. Introducing Beovision Eclipse TV in new Piano Black, the definitive television experience with OLED 4K images.
With the world’s finest TV sound system, Beovision Eclipse TV is designed to integrate beautifully with your lifestyle. It also offers you the choice of 55 or 65-inch screen.
Crafted to pure perfection, Beovision Eclipse in new Piano Black introduces a beautiful surface in pure black that draws the eye to its sleek lines and shape for a more exclusive and luxurious touch.

BeoVision Eclipse

BeoVision Eclipse is the definitive TV featuring the latest 4K HDR OLED screen technology and the world’s best TV sound.

The brightest and most vivid colours imaginable delivered with absolute black contrast, lets BeoVision Eclipse reproduce cinematic imagery true to the original source.
BeoVision Eclipse is a true OLED TV. The magic of the self-lighting OLED pixels is their ability to turn on and off individually, reproducing absolute blacks and virtually infinite contrast levels.
HDR (High Dynamic Range) with Dolby Vision™ is a technology that dramatically expands the range of both contrast and colour. Bright parts of an image get even brighter, which in turn gives your image more depth.

Leave conventions behind

conventional screen techology

The depth of reality is infinite

oled 4k screen

Our mission at Bang & Olufsen has always been to create outstanding audio experiences. This time was no different as we set out to design the world’s best-sounding TV.
The SoundCentre features an integrated 450 watts 3-channel speaker system that outperforms even the most potent soundbar on the market. Its ability to deliver speech-optimised centre channel audio as well as powerful stereo performance – all at once – makes BeoVision Eclipse an exceptionally flexible solution in any audio setup.
BeoVision Eclipse doubles as an impressive wireless music system with a room-filling sound performance. For your listening pleasure, we added all your preferred audio streaming technologies including Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth and Chromecast built-in, giving you the freedom to play music directly from your mobile device.
BeoVision Eclipse integrates seamlessly with our growing collection of Multiroom products. Send audio from your TV to other rooms or use its phenomenal speakers to expand the entire music experience in your home.
Televisions BeoVision Eclipse Silver Black Bang & Olufsen Featuring worlds best sounding TV with Room filling sound
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Television BeoVision Eclipse Black Silver Bang & Olufsen Bold and clear design statement of picture and sound
A sharp, black glass screen cutting straight through an organic aluminium body. It’s a bold and clear design statement of picture and sound in perfect alignment, creating something even greater than the sum of its parts.
The anodised aluminium cover for the speaker pays tribute to our proud tradition of using high-grade materials and meticulous production methods. The craftsmanship behind the curved design and high precision lace pattern ensures perfect sound dispersion from the TV.
Television BeoVision Eclipse Black Silver Bang & Olufsen Bold and clear design statement of picture and sound


Fabric Covers

For a more personalised appearance, BeoVision Eclipse is also available with a fabric speaker cover in a range of beautiful colours. The speaker covers clip on and off easily, providing an effortless opportunity to give your TV a visual update.


Wood cover

Customise your BeoVision Eclipse with an elegantly crafted wooden cover for a soft and natural expression. The warm oak and smoked oak wood complements the minimalist expression of the razor-thin display and stands in perfect contrast to the cold and sleek aluminium elements.

Choose a placement option that is every bit as elegant as the TV itself.
BeoVision Eclipse is available as a sculptural floor standing TV on our iconic planet stand. The motorised stand is designed with a double axis that cleverly pulls the screen out from the wall and into the room when turned. The stand can turn the screen almost 90 degrees to either side, all at the touch of a button.
The wall mount comes in a manual or motorised version that is completely integrated into the SoundCentre, making the TV appear to be floating mid-air when positioned out from the wall. The wall mount can be hinged in either side and allows the screen to move up to 60 degrees from the wall.
Introducing a gravity defying, sleek new stand that beautifully complements the lines and shape of Beovision Eclipse.


BeoVision Eclipse is available in 55 and 65 inches. Both versions are compatible with all placement solutions, both manual and motorised.

Television BeoVision Eclipse SMOKED OAK WOOD Bang & Olufsen wooden cover for a soft and natural expression
Your TV experience has never been as easy or as personal as this. Escape the constraints of flow TV and dive straight into your favourite content with a single click.
BeoVision Eclipse follows our one remote philosophy, giving you a world of content and easy access to all your Bang & Olufsen sources through the elegant BeoRemote One.
The world’s premier Smart TV platform, webOS keeps getting smarter. From its super fast start-up time to its user-friendly integration of your favourite content providers.
Television BeoVision Eclipse Black Bang & Olufsen with Ultimate Surround Sound Experience
Looking for the ultimate surround sound experience for your living room? The integrated centre speaker in BeoVision Eclipse is a worthy match for our high-end speakers, eliminating the need for a separate centre speaker. In fact, BeoVision Eclipse connects wirelessly with up to 8 speakers.

BeoLab 50 is our latest high-end active loudspeaker blending radical audio technology with elegant aesthetics and refined craftsmanship. It is the perfect speaker to complete your home entertainment setup.


measurements in cm
Televisions BeoVision Eclipse Bang & Olufsen Measurements specification in centimeters

Torsten Valeur, David Lewis Designers 
Motorised floor stand: designduo | smedegaard weis
Placement options

Manual wall bracket moving up to 60° from wall. Motorised wall bracket with remote operation and movement up to 60° from wall
Motorised floor st
and with remote operation moving up to 90° to either side 


55": 33.1 kg
65": 41.8 kg


Floor stand: 25.2 kg
Wall bracket: 8.0 kg 


OLED 4K HDR with Dolby VisionTM

Absolute black, wide viewing angle, wide colour gamut

Dual tuner for connection of external USB hard disk or recording


Integrated fully active three channel stereo (centre and stereo)
1 x 1" tweeter
2 x 2.5" fullrange drivers
3 x 4" midrange/woofer

1 x 50 watts for centre tweeter
2 x 50 watts for fullrange driver
3 x 100 watts for midrange/woofer

Integrated 7.1 surround sound module
Adaptive Bass Linearisation
Sound modes and Speaker groups
TrueImage up and downmixing
Immaculate Wireless Sound integrated for a full wireless surround solution with connection of up to 8 speakers

Multiroom technology is integrated 

Audio streaming

Apple AirPlay



Chromecast built-in

QPlay 2.0 (China Specific) 

Integrated music services

Spotify Connect, Deezer and TuneIn internet radio, QQ Music (China specific) 

Operating system

webOS 3.5 


2way Bluetooth control via BeoRemote One BT 


Natural aluminium and black