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Advanced Active Noise Cancelling in-ear earphones featuring direct and precise sound, unparalleled comfort and hassle-free control.

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For sound, silence and serenity

With next generation hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), you can immerse yourself in Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound while shutting out the noisy world around you. Beoplay E4 puts powerful ANC in your pocket and always within easy reach.

Tune into Your Surroundings

Immerse yourself in music — or let the world in. With one quick gesture, Transparency Mode turns the music off and lets you tune into your surroundings. Using the same gesture again will turn the ANC back on and start the music where you left off.

Ultra-light, sleek and robust

The in-ear headphones are crafted from elegant lightweight metal that's durable and scratch-resistant. The inline remote and ANC control unit come with a sleek aluminium and rubber finish for improved interaction and durability.

Secure and incredibly comfortable

Beoplay E4 comes with a selection of ear tips including Comply™ memory foam tips that enhance noise cancelling capabilities while providing a secure and comfortable fit. For those preferring silicone ear tips, four different sizes are included in the box.

All day every day

Beoplay E4 delivers no less than 20 hours of play time with Active Noise Cancellation. And thankfully, running out of battery doesn't kill the music. It only pauses the ANC until your next charge.

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  • Beoplay E4 earphones comply foam tips
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