Celestial  Sounds from above

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All music. Zero clutter. Discreet in-ceiling speakers made for room-filling sound experiences.

Celestial speaker in the ceiling setup

Play it loud and wide

Celestial speakers provide great sound dispersion with a unique ability to direct it towards your preferred listening areas. This means better coverage and more flexibility in terms of where the speakers can be placed while still providing a powerful sound experience.

More than meets the eye

While all the sound power is hidden away in the ceiling, the visible speaker grilles remain true to the Bang & Olufsen design philosophy of understated luxury that complements any home interior. Customize your speaker's appearance with a square grille (available as accessory).

Easy to install

The clever mounting system ensures easy installation while providing the perfect conditions for optimal sound reproduction — regardless of the construction Materials in place. The grille attach perfectly with magnets directly onto the speaker itself.

A powerful collaboration

The Celestial and Palatial speakers are developed in partnership with Origin Acoustics. Founded by the original inventors of the in-wall/in-ceiling speaker concept more than four decades ago, the company is a perfect match for our own audio and design heritage.

  • Celestial speaker grill closeup
  • Celestial speaker in the ceiling closeup
  • Celestial speaker in the hall way
  • Celestial speaker in the living room
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