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Beovision Harmony



Beovision Harmony



First look from Milan Design Week


77インチの大画面でも映像の質は概ね音声で決まります。極上のサウンドと鮮明な映像が一体となった Beovision Harmony は、最高のシネマ体験をお届けします。さらに、お部屋を音楽で満たしたいひとときも、Beovision Harmony の出番です。

ここでは、ミラノ・デザインウィークの Beovision Harmony のインスタレーションを初めて垣間見ることができます。


A conceptual classic

Honouring the proud heritage of Danish design, Beovision Harmony speaks to those who believe that aesthetics are just as important as experience. The television is based on mid-century entertainment cabinets that hide the TV behind delicate blinds to fully integrate with the living room.

Beovision Harmony detail


For music and movie lovers

Sound is more than half the picture. Even with a generous screen size of 77 inches. Beovision Harmony fuses stellar audio and vivid images into a full-bodied cinematic performance. Behind the front covers hides a forceful Bang & Olufsen sound centre that instantly catches your ears. The 3-channel speaker setup delivers speech-optimised centre channel and powerful stereo performance.


4K OLED from LG

Movies, sporting events and all your must-see shows are brought to striking new life with the latest 4K OLED screen technology from LG. Powered by Dolby Vision™ HDR you will rediscover your images in unsurpassed detail with intense rich colours, incredible depth and perfect blacks.


Music streaming

Play directly from your mobile device via Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth or Chromecast built-in. In audio mode, helpful things like radio station and artist information are elegantly displayed on the part of the screen still visible behind the speaker fronts.


An ode to our heritage

Honouring our proud heritage as a Danish design company, the concept behind Beovision Harmony is in fact based on mid-century entertainment furniture. These cabinets would hide the TV and radio behind delicate blinds to fully integrate with the living room.


Elegant finishing

The oak veneer speaker covers unveil an outstanding example of craftsmanship, complementing the dark TV screen with their furniture-like materials and elegant detailing. Despite their solid appearance, the grading pattern is carefully designed to maximise acoustic performance.

  • Beovision Harmony full next to stairs
  • Beovision Harmony wood grid detail
  • Beovision Harmony logo detail
  • Beovision Harmony closed frontal view
  • Beovision Harmony hanging on wall
  • Beovision Harmony closed detail
Beovision Eclipse テレビ Beoremote one

Beoremote One

Beovision Harmony follows our one-remote philosophy. Beoremote One gives you a world of content at the tip of your fingers and easy control of all your other Bang & Olufsen products.