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Beoplay P6 AW19


Beoplay P6 AW19

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  • Chestnut

    Limited Edition


AW 19 - Limited Edition.

Embrace eclectic fashion with our AW19 collection: this limited-edition pieces are designed to always be with you and experience every moment with authentic sound, impeccably styled.

"Beoplay P6 is a giant among portable speakers. The power, clarity and spaciousness you get is way above average."

The natural splendour of TAN and CHESTNUT brings a classic vibe to our AW19 collection. Think deep, delicious chestnut that evokes a nostalgic feeling. Or indulge in a warm, mild tan for a seasonal treat.
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Rich and surprisingly powerful

Despite its portable size, Beoplay P6 delivers an impressive sound performance with rich and powerful bass. The music reaches everyone around it with our innovative True360 technology.


Great Everywhere

With sound that is expressive in your living room or in a noisy park, Beoplay P6 is a speaker for people who love taking immersive sound with them. The elegant leather strap and slim design makes transportation convenient and easy.


Crystal Clear Voice Clarity

Want to make phone or conference calls through your speaker? Beoplay P6 has built-in microphone for making and taking crystal clear voice calls. You can also use the microphone to activate voice commands for Siri and the Google Assistant simply by pressing a button.


Authentic and beautifully crafted

This splash and dust resistant Bluetooth speaker is crafted with a pearl-blasted aluminium grille. The thick, double-layered leather strap gives a warm contrast to the cool aluminium and makes the Beoplay P6 easy to bring with you.


Take the music with you

With up to 16 hours of wireless play, the music really goes where ever you go. Beoplay P6 is re-charged in just 3 hours with a universal a USB-C charging cable connected to a compatible power source.

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Beoplay P6 Quick start guide USB-C to USB-A cable Warranty

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