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The Future of Design

3 Days of Design Copenhagen 2024

For this year’s 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen, we explored the Art of Recreating, where we re-imagined Bang & Olufsen’s most recent design icons for the modern day. We invited select guests to our Indre By location to explore the intersection between past, present, and future through the art of recreating, and the emotional connections it generates.

Beoplay A9
  • The B&O team with the special edition A9
  • Man with the Kasper Eistrup A9 edition at the Copenhagen store
  • Artist and musician Kasper Eistrup being interviewed
Product image of the Beosound A9 Kasper Eistrup Limited Edition launched during 3 Days of Design 2024

The Art of Recreating - Design Week 2024

Bang & Olufsen unveils the esteemed Danish artist Kasper Eistrup’s recreation of the timeless Beosound A9 speaker for 3 Days of Design. This collaboration merges exceptional sound quality with artistic expression, resulting in a coveted piece for design and music enthusiasts alike.

Eistrup's artistic vision reimagines the Beosound A9's recognizable circular front. Envisioned as a painter's canvas, the speaker rests on elegant wooden legs, fostering a unique aesthetic that complements any modern space.

Design Week throughout the Years

Copenhagen's 3 Days of Design is Scandinavia's design crown jewel, each year attracting a global audience of designers, buyers, and enthusiasts. The focus on Nordic design highlights the region's unique aesthetic and functionality, setting trends for the future. The event showcases a curated selection of new design concepts from established brands and emerging talents. The festival fosters collaboration between international and Danish designers, inviting attendees to experience design within the context of the city itself.

Bang & Olufsen has brought many unforgettable exhibitions to 3 Days of Design throughout the years. Here’s a quick recap of some of our favourite installations.

Image of event place during 3 Days of Design 2023 in Copenhagen

2023: Conversations in Sound

Beovision Contour OLED TV

2022: Music and Interiors

To highlight the importance of music and its ability to alter our mood, and even perception, Bang & Olufsen collaborated with Danish composer Kasper Bjørke to create four Nordic soundscapes inspired by Scandinavian nature to show how different atmospheres can change the perception of space. Upon entering Fritz Hansen's Pavilion, visitors were immersed in nature's elements and enter a meditative state that transcends both space and time.

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