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The perfect match for your speakers, your music and your home.


BeoSound Moment is an intelligent, wireless music system that organises your digital music, radio stations and streaming services in a seamless music experience.

The Perfect Match


When virtually every song in the world is within reach, finding the right one – and just enjoying it – becomes the real goal.

Two sides to every music experience

The touch-sensitive wood panel starts your music experience with just a single tap on the oak surface. Flip it, and the aluminium-framed touchscreen lets you dive deeper into your music collection.

Search. Play. Enjoy.

Your music experience is only as good as your ability to find and play the music you love. BeoSound Moment has a single search function for everything, and it is never more than a swipe away. Finding that particular song or album is simple and intuitive, just like adding new favourites to your playlists or saved radio stations is quick and easy.

Learns what you want to hear

BeoSound Moment loves your taste in music: On lively Friday nights and lazy Sunday mornings. PatternPlay is an innovative function that creates personalised playlists based on what your household likes to hear at different times of the day on different days of the week. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.

How it works


Slow or upbeat? Happy or melancholic? Your own favourite hits or new exciting music? Whatever type of music you feel for, there is a perfect playlist to match. Define your current mood on the MoodWheel and let BeoSound Moment create unique playlists from your own music collection or from Deezer’s comprehensive music catalogue.

Use the inner ring for familiar hits from your own collection.

Select the middle ring for Deezer tracks similar to your own collection.

The outer ring introduces you to new music from Deezer’s vast catalogue.

Use the inner ring for familiar hits from your own collection.

Select the middle ring for Deezer tracks similar to your own collection.

The outer ring introduces you to new music from Deezer’s vast catalogue.



BeoSound Moment introduces the world’s first touch-sensitive wood interface adding a bit of subtle tactility in the age of digital music. One touch fills the room with music. A swipe changes the tracks and a circular movement adjusts the volume.  


The frame and body of BeoSound Moment is made from high-grade aluminium and applied with different surface treatments. For the interface side we used long line brushing, the edges are grinded while the touch-wheel is turned.


Seamlessly together

BeoSound Moment connects seamlessly to as many as 8 wireless Bang & Olufsen speakers. You can even convert your classic wired speakers into a wireless setup using our BeoLab Receiver 1 with BeoSound Moment.


A Multiroom system consists of wireless speakers that are placed around your home and connected to each other via your Wi-Fi network. With Multiroom you can listen to internet radio in one room, while others enjoy your jazz collection in another. Stream sound from the living room TV to the speaker in your kitchen, or let every connected speaker play the same tune, if you are hosting a party.


Deezer offers more than 35 million tracks in high audio quality.

Check if DEEZER is available in your country of residence

*in selected countries where both Bang & Olufsen and the Deezer music service are available
  • MoodWheel – 원터치로 즐기는 음악

  • PatternPlay – 사용자의 사용 패턴을 기억합니다.

  • Deezer® 통합 음악 서비스

  • TuneIn® 인터넷 라디오 통합

  • 사용자의 개인 음악 컬렉션에 DLNA (DMR) 액세스

  • 모바일 기기 스트리밍용 블루투스

  • WiSA 기술 기반의 통합 Immaculate Wireless Sound 개념

  • André Poulheim & Thorsten Frackenpohl, 산업 디자이너 www.frackenpohl-poulheim.de

  • Tectonic, 인터랙션, 비주얼 및 모션 디자이너 www.gotectoonic.com

사이즈 및 무게
  • 인터페이스 0.5kg

  • 본체 1.9kg

  • 디스플레이 1280 x 800 – 7인치 IPS


소비 전력 및 작동 환경
  • 정상 작동 시: 14W, 대기 전력: 0.4W.

  • 온도 10~40° C - 습도 20~80%

리모컨 옵션
  • BeoSound Essence Remote

  • BeoRemote One

  • Beo4

  • Bang & Olufsen app

  • 리튬 폴리머 용량 3500mAh.

  • 대기 용량 76시간.

  • 작동 용량 2.5~3시간

  • 충전 시간 5시간.

무선 연결
  • WiSA 기술 통합 – 최대 8채널의 풀 24비트 무압축 무선 오디오 스트리밍

  • Wi-Fi — 2,4ghz 802.11 g/b

  • 모바일 기기 음악 스트리밍용 블루투스(A2DP)

  • Power Link 2개(RJ45)

  • Ethernet 1개

  • 전원 1개

  • 라인 입력 1개(RCA)

  • 서비스 전용 USB 1개

오디오 형식
  • PCM (WAV) 일반 + 88.2, 96 kHz

  • WMA, VBR/CBR 20 – 320kbit (무손실 WMA는 지원하지 않음)

  • AAC (ISO 및 ADTS) – 320kbit

  • ALAC 일반 + 88.2, 96 kHz

  • MP3 (모두) 또는 VBR / CBR 32 – 320kbit

  • FLAC, 8-96 kHz, 16 또는 24 bits, 2채널

유리, 알루미늄, 고무, 플라스틱 및 우드.
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