Beosound Edge

Sound revolution

Discreet in design, yet unforgettable in power and performance. Let clarity of sound, elegance of form and magical interaction inspire your imagination

Available November 2018

The Beosound Edge is a unique speaker and a minimalist design object, delivering a powerfully dynamic sound performance for the home. Designed for intuitive touch and motion this speaker is an unbroken circle of audio clarity, precision and beauty

Key features

All-in-one wireless speaker
Powerful bass
Directional sound control

True360 room-filling sound
Touch sensitive aluminium interface
Motion activated

Intuitive rolling volume control
Multiroom speaker
Wall and floor mount


Move and be

Intelligent interface

This is a speaker that feels your presence. As you approach, the Beosound Edge comes to life – lighting up the interface thanks to proximity sensors. You can then start, stop and skip tracks with a simple tap on the touch sensitive aluminium surface. The essential speaker controls will then fade to black again when not in use

Controlling the Beosound Edge is every bit as mesmerising as its immersive sound performance. You instinctively feel the urge to roll the balancing circle – and you should

Rolling volume control

The Beosound Edge is calibrated to read the force of your touch, adjusting the volume as you roll the speaker back and forth, even when placed on the gravity-defying wall mount. A gentle movement changes the volume moderately. A stronger touch and the change is more dramatic. Regardless, the speaker will always return to its centre. Perfectly balanced design. Perfectly balanced sound


The inner

This is how the Beosound Edge works to deliver a powerful sound experience in a surprisingly compact footprint

1. Two ¾” tweeters

2. Active Bass Port for
clarity at every volume

3. Two 4” midrange drivers

4. Slim 10” woofer design for
powerful bass

Change the direction of sound. Change the atmosphere. With the choice of three different sound settings the Beosound Edge caters to the flexible requirements of the modern home

For the calm. For the storm

At the heart of the circular speaker lies an innovative Active Bass Port design. A revolutionary Bang & Olufsen technology that enables Beosound Edge to deliver unprecedented power for its size. Look behind the fabric fronts and watch as the port closes at lower volumes and opens when playing loud, effectively changing the speaker’s acoustic capabilities. A party and precision speaker all-in-one, the output remains constantly fine-tuned no matter the volume level

Music for you, me and everyone

Playing through either side of the speaker will let you direct the sound for a more intimate listening experience. Selecting the True360 omnidirectional mode will fill the entire room with that renowned Bang & Olufsen sound for everyone to enjoy

Freedom and flexibility

The Beosound Edge gives you ultimate freedom in how you play music. It is an all-in-one wireless speaker with effortless music streaming via AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in or Bluetooth. With integrated Multiroom technology it also allows you to connect multiple speakers throughout your home into one seamless audio system



Design by Michael Anastassiades

Imagine a coin elegantly balancing on its side almost ready to roll away and there you have the inspirational background for the design. Beosound Edge is the first Bang & Olufsen product from the hands of acclaimed lighting designer Michael Anastassiades and a true testament to his minimalist design approach. His intention with Beosound Edge was to eliminate visual complexity and superfluous elements to create a timeless object that sparks the imagination

"I constantly distil the original idea, removing layers upon layers. And what we manage to retain is pure"

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For more than five decades Bang & Olufsen have pioneered the use of aluminium with one of the world’s most advanced anodising facilities. Here, our craft is pushed to new levels with the perfect circular frame and flawless high-gloss surface

Defy gravity

Balance your Beosound Edge on the floor or mount it on the wall for a stunning, minimalist look that complements your home. Even when suspended on your wall, you can control the volume with the force of your touch. Counterbalanced by a spring, a simply push will effortlessly roll the speaker up and down the wall and let it magically return to it’s centre when you release

Beosound Edge speaker featured on a wall bracket

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Beosound Edge under the hood
Michael Anastassiades
Highly polished aluminium body
Black fabric covers
Placement options
Floor base
Wall mount
Weight & Dimensions
13 kg
50.2 x 13 cm (Ø x W)

Cabinet principle
Closed box / open port
Line-in (analogue & digital combo) with sensing
1 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and BeoLink Multiroom technologies are integrated and ready for you to create a wireless Multiroom setup with Beosound Edge
Power amplifiers
2 x 200 Watt (woofer)
4 x 100 Watt (midranges/tweeters)
Remote control options
Beosound Essence Remote
Bang & Olufsen App
Speaker drivers
1 x 10” dual coil woofer
2 x 4” midrange
2 x 3/4” tweeter
Streaming formats
Chromecast built-in
Apple AirPlay 2
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
QPlay 2.0 (China specific)
Wireless networks
Wi-fi/WLAN 802.11 b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz)
Bluetooth 4.2